Revenue Department

Aims And Objectives

This section comprises of following subsections:

The Jamabandi subsection deals with auditing of the villages and talukas on the 31 st of July, i.e. at the end of Revenue Year. It also looks after the collection of the Government Taxes. Rainfall of the district is also maintained by this subsection. This section also deals with allotment of govt. lands to various agencies for specific purpose. It maintains records of record of land ("Sat-Bara").

Allotment of Lands

The Revenue subsection deals with allotment of government lands for Government Offices, Voluntary Organizations, semi govt. offices and local bodies etc. For cultivation E-class land is allotted with priorities to Ex-servicemen, and landless persons.

Documents required

The applications should be in the name of the Collector, or the S.D.O. or Tahasildar. Documents required are:
1) Application
2) N.O.C. from Grampanchayat/ Nagarpalika
3) Map of the site
4) Plan estimate
5) Publicity report
6) N.O.C. from Executive Engineer, M.S.E.B.
7) N.O.C. from Executive Engineer, P.W.D.
8) For Schools, Education Departments approval
9) For Voluntary Organizations (Registered), N.O.C. from the concerned department
10) For Govt. Offices, Applications from regional head are required.

The Revenue subsection deals with the lands which are not reserved for any specific purposes are given on temporary or permanent lease either for residential or commercial purpose. Disposal of these lands and maintenance of records is dealt with in this section.

Organizational Structure

- RA
- AK
- Clerk