PDS :Food & Civil Supplies Dept.

Aims And Objectives

This section deals with the supply of wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene and palm oil (Edible Oil) to public through Public Distribution System (P.D.S.) at the rates fixed by the government. The P.D.S. is meant to control the prices of these essential commodities in open market and to have smooth supply of these essentials commodities to public. Allotment and lifting of food grains, edible oil, sugar and kerosene given to the district are supervised by this section.

Types Of Ration Cards

There are three type of ration card depending on annual income:
1) Yellow ration card for B.P.L. people

Income per Year Area
Upto Rs. 15,000/- Urban
Upto Rs. 11,000 Tribal
Upto Rs. 4,000 Remaining rural

2) Orange colored ration card for A.P.L. people All the following criteria should be satisfied
i) Income per year should be below 1 Lakh
ii) Must not own a 4 wheeler (except taxi drivers)
iii) Total land owned by family should be below 4 hectares.
3) White colored ration card for High Income Group people Any one of the following conditions should be satisfied
i) Annual Income should be above 1 Lakh
ii) Should have a four wheeler
iii) Total land owned by family member should be above 4 hectares.